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carbon trading
Carbon Trading
Quota handling through the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) more...

Your Business Carbon Footprint
See how your Business is affecting the planet!..more...
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Carbon Footprint Surveys
Have an in depth assessment of you Business Carbon Emissions. more...


Semi Online business Carbon Footprinting

The service is designed to make business carbon footprinting easier for you.

Contact us by telephone 01948 861335 - or to email please click here

All the work carried out is in accordance with the methodology laid down by DEFRA and endorsed by The Carbon Trust.

The criteria for the calculations are:-
DEFRA - GREEN HOUSE GAS (GHG) - Conversion factors for company reporting June 2007
CARBON TRUST - Carbon Footprinting for organisations.

You will need to decide upon a start date. All information relating to energy use, refrigerant gases, electricity and all forms of travel need to be available for the previous twelve months.
Once that 'accounting period' is established it should remain unchanged for the future (if possible) in order to maintain good comparative reporting.

A check list for the information needed will be sent to you in excel format. The questions are straightforward, but if you have any questions, there is someone to speak to.

Once the information is returned and processed we will discuss with you any preference you may have for reporting. For example, tonnes of CO2 per member of office personnel, manufacturing personnel, tonnes of product manufactured or the number of widgets made, the choice is yours.

A Certificate of Carbon Footprinting and copy of your numbers will be sent to you in .pdf  format.

We undertake this semi online service to make the job easier. It also saves on cost, travel and of course the dreaded emissions. In more complex cases a site visit can be arranged.

The cost for the semi online service is 95 (plus vat) per depot based upon approximately two to three hours work which in normal circumstances is adequate.

Contact us by telephone 01948 861335 - or to email please click here

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