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Carbon Trading
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Your Business Carbon Footprint
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Carbon Footprint Surveys
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Energy Performance Certificates
More energy laws coming into force in 2008. more...

Businesses can Save Energy and Money!

In the UK almost half of the carbon dioxide emissions actually come from our normal everyday lives the other half from businesses. We leave lights on unnecessarily, we overfilling the kettle all waste energy and result in needless carbon dioxide emissions. This section looks at the impact we are having on climate change and what's being done to help prevent it.

An energy survey may cost some money but in the long term it should save money and carbon emissions. For an Energy Survey  Click Here

Just look at these amazing  Amazing Pictures from NASA and how we are lighting up the world, Why?

There are many ways of reducing your emissions and saving money. Some cost varying amounts of money and are longer term, others are simple and will save you money.

Simple Things to do Today!

Only heat the rooms that are occupied, using background heat elsewhere.
Look at the fabric of the building
Reduce room temperatures by as little as one degree.
Question the need for Air Conditioning
Turn off all lights when leaving a room or fit sensor switches
Fit air locks or curtains in factories or warehouses
Localised heating for personnel.
Turn off all appliances at the wall and do not leave anything on standby.
Heat the canteen well with direct heat, turn off when empty
Repair dripping taps
Fit low energy light bulbs
The list goes on!!

Not so Simple Things to do Tomorrow!

Fit low energy light bulbs (if you didn't do it yesterday!)
Review your heating and AC needs
Have a Turn Off Policy
Lag all pipes.
Switch to an high efficiency boiler if possible.
Fit Double glazing or secondary glazing if possible.
Look for appliances with a low energy logo.
Insulate wall cavities.

You should start to see a difference in your energy usage.
So, check you energy usage at the metre, become aware of what you should be using and look for reductions on electricity, oil and gas bills.

Extra Things to Consider.

Why not generate your own Renewable Energy. If you live on the sunny side of a hill, or in a windy area there are realistic options for you to consider.

The options available are:-
Click Here  Solar Energy
Click Here  Wind Generation
Click Here  Geo Thermal Pumps

In the meantime Calculate your Carbon Footprint and Offset your Emissions.

The point we are making is that there are savings to be made both in terms of Energy and in turn, Carbon Emissions, plus savings on your energy bills.

Energy Performance Certificate of your property become mandatory in April 2008.

Some Grants are available and a very helpful website is The Energy Saving Trust which has been designed to give wide and informative advice to all householders and businesses alike also look at the Carbon Trust for interest free loans for capital investment.

Keep in touch with your planet at Carbon Earth

For the latest information on Composting you can look at Composting UK