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SME manufacturers target low carbon markets
A large number of small to medium-sized UK manufacturing companies are targeting business within low carbon markets, according to the Manufacturing Advisory Service.   Source: GreenWise

European Union Carbon Stable Near 3-Week High as U.K.'s Natural Gas Gains
European Union carbon-dioxide allowances were little changed near their highest price in almost three weeks after U.K. natural gas for summer jumped 5.4 percent in the past week to a two-month record.   Source: Bloomberg

European Commission to Sign Deal With EIB on Carbon Permits by Mid-October
The European Commission, regulator of the world’s largest carbon market, will sign an agreement by mid-October with the European Investment Bank on selling emission permits, Maria Kokkonen, a climate spokeswoman, said in a telephone interview.   Source: Bloomberg

Fiat leads Europe's cleanest cars
Italian automaker Fiat has topped a list of Europe's best performing car companies in terms of carbon dioxide (CO2) output.   Source: Independent


ECCO2 Corp Gains Accreditation From UNFCCC and Announces October Launch With Carbon Trade Exchange i
ECCO2 Corp, a Texas gains accreditation from United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and announces plans with Carbon Trade Exchange in $700 million clean-tech deal for carbon credit trading of carbon emission offsets generated under the Clean Development Mechanisms   Source: NewsMaker

Turkey needs a legal carbon market framework
Turkey needs a legal framework for reducing carbon emissions, experts said at the Carbon Markets & Climate Finance session of the Turkish International Renewable Energy Congress on Wednesday.   Source: Hurriyet

'No binding climate deal expected': official
China's top climate change official said on Wednesday that countries do not expect to reach a binding climate treaty this year.   Source: People's Daily Online

'Conditions for China to Launch Emission Rights Trading Scheme Premature'
A senior official of China's top economic planning body said Wednesday that conditions for the country to launch a carbon emission rights trading system remain premature.   Source: CriEnglish


Abbott attacks PM over changing carbon tax policy
JULIA Gillard has again declined to commit to a timetable for introducing a carbon price.   Source: The Australian

Australia To Hold Climate Change Roundtables
The Government will establish two roundtables to engage the business community, environment and non-government organizations on its climate change policies.   Source: GovMonitor

Voluntary Market

Local forest program catches eyes of U.S. government
A pilot program in Vernonia that would give forest land owners and loggers health benefits in exchange for carbon sequestration has garnered attention from the United States Department of Agriculture.   Source: South County Spotlight

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