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German regulator warns of Europe power shortages
Reuters UK  Feb 19 2008 11:22AM UTC

ESSEN, Germany, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Europe risks power shortages if it does not press ahead with new power station projects to replace and add to ageing generation capacity, German energy regulator Matthias Kurth said on Tuesday.

Kyoto market

Choppy certified emission reductions market to hit India most
Economictimes  Feb 19 2008 10:51PM UTC

NEW DELHI: Politics and jittery equity indices are making the global carbon credit markets nervous. Carbon credit prices have plunged in the last few weeks.

Coal expansion violates Kyoto commitment
Philippine Daily Inquirer  Feb 19 2008 5:40PM UTC

Last Saturday was the third anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol's coming into force as the only legally binding global agreement to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

North America market

BC introduces carbon tax, but off-sets increased fuel costs with tax cuts
News 91.9 Moncton  Feb 20 2008 12:56AM UTC

VICTORIA - Finance Minister Carole Taylor introduced an escalating carbon tax on most fossil fuels Tuesday, one she says recycles revenues back to taxpayers and businesses and is designed to ignite an environmental social movement in British Columbia

Groups vow to fight carbon emissions cap-and-trade plan
Los Angeles Times  Feb 20 2008 8:38AM UTC

Low-income community groups in five California cities launched a statewide campaign Tuesday to 'fight at every turn' any global-warming regulation that allows industries to trade carbon emissions, saying it would amount to 'gambling on public health.

Post 2012

UPDATE 1-Japan considers emissions cap and trade system
Reuters UK  Feb 20 2008 6:39AM UTC

TOKYO, Feb 20 (Reuters) - Japan is considering compulsory caps on greenhouse gas emissions and a domestic emissions trading scheme for its reluctant companies as it is expected to make tougher commitments in the post-Kyoto Protocol phase, a trade

Lawmakers gather in Brazil to discuss climate change
Reuters South Africa  Feb 19 2008 10:26PM UTC

WASHINGTON, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Lawmakers from the world's major industrial nations and five emerging economies gather in Brazil from Wednesday to discuss a global climate change treaty currently under consideration.

Voluntary market

UK sets CO2 offset code but excludes voluntary credits
Reuters  Feb 19 2008 10:36PM UTC

(Reuters) - The British government launched a Code of Best Practice for carbon emission offsets on Tuesday, but said the code will initially apply only to United Nations-approved credits.


UPDATE 1-Tenaska plans $3 bln coal plant to capture carbon
Reuters UK  Feb 20 2008 12:31AM UTC

HOUSTON, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Tenaska Inc has proposed a $3 billion coal-fired power plant with the ability to capture carbon dioxide emissions, which then can be used to boost oil production in West Texas, the privately held company said on Tuesday.

Exxon to provide CO2 for use in EOR injection program
Carbon Yatra  Feb 19 2008 10:32AM UTC

Rancher Energy Corp. has signed a CO2 (carbon dioxide) sale and purchase agreement with ExxonMobil Gas & Power Marketing Company, a division of Exxon Mobil Corporation.

EESTech Inc acquires Asia-Pacific rights to advanced Carbon Capture Technology
M2  Feb 20 2008 6:29AM UTC



Global carbon market set to explode in next decade  Feb 19 2008 9:55AM UTC

Analysts foresee a boom in carbon emissions trading by 2020 as the EU prepares to include new sectors in its Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) and the United States' accession to a similar system appears increasingly inevitable.

Giant carbon storage bag on ocean floor might help to cut global emissions
Yahoo! India  Feb 19 2008 7:52PM UTC

Washington, Feb 19 (ANI): Researchers are pondering over the idea of a gigantic, inflatable, sausage-shaped bag, resting on the seabed of an ocean, which would be capable of storing 160 million tones of carbon dioxide, thus capturing almost 2.2 days

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