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Kyoto market

Energy taxes in Italy seen falling as CO2 rises
Reuters  Feb 15 2008 2:49PM UTC

(Reuters) - Taxes on energy in Italy have fallen by almost a quarter in the last decade while greenhouse gas emissions have soared, environmental group Legambiente said on Friday, calling for greater action against climate change.

Greece to Face UN on Emissions  Feb 17 2008 4:28PM UTC

Greece will next month have to explain its poor record in measuring carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to the United Nations compliance committee for the Kyoto Protocol, European Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said.

Vietnam moves to implement Kyoto Protocol
Thanhnien  Feb 16 2008 5:02AM UTC

According to Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran The Ngoc, the plan aims to ?manage and coordinate anti-climate change activities in Vietnam while achieving sustainable development.

Using compact-plate heat exchangers to earn carbon credits
Carbon Yatra  Feb 15 2008 12:53PM UTC

The use of compact-plate heat exchangers (CPHEs) enables refiners to tackle the increasing emphasis on reducing energy consumption while maintaining a positive environmental profile, indicates a report by industrial process technologies supplier Alfa

North America market

AEP CEO sees crisis without more coal plants
Reuters  Feb 15 2008 7:30PM UTC

HOUSTON (Reuters) - The United States faces an electricity crisis if it eschews coal-fired power plants on its way to a low-carbon economy, said the chief executive of American Electric Power, one of the nation's biggest utilities.

New CBO Study Further Exposes Cap-and-Trade Flaws
Calibre Macro World  Feb 15 2008 5:29PM UTC

Washington D.C. - Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.

Efficiency now ahead of US carbon rules:utilities  Feb 16 2008 12:06AM UTC

HOUSTON (Reuters) - U.S. utilities are focusing on energy efficiency to lessen the need to build new power plants while they await what they see as inevitable carbon regulation, executives said at the four-day CERA conference in Houston that ended

Post 2012

50 leading investors demand US leadership in post-Kyoto Protocol
Carbon Yatra  Feb 15 2008 12:53PM UTC

Nearly 50 leading U.S. and European institutional investors managing over $1.75 trillion in assets released a climate change action plan at the United Nations that will boost investments in energy efficiency and clean energy technologies and require

Major emitters eye long-term reduction goal before G-8 summit: U.S.+
Calibre Macro World  Feb 15 2008 2:11PM UTC

TOKYO, Feb. 15-(Kyodo), The U.S.-initiated meeting of the world's major greenhouse gas emitters will work toward reaching an agreement on long-term global goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions before the Group of Eight summit to be hosted by

Voluntary market

Exelon will cut or offset all CO2 by 2020  Feb 15 2008 11:57PM UTC

Exelon Corp., the largest producer of nuclear energy in the US, has pledged to either offset the equivalent or cut completely all of its carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2020.

New Zealand Exchange to focus on infrastructure improvements to enable carbon trading
Carbon Yatra  Feb 15 2008 12:53PM UTC

New Zealand Exchange Limited, NZX, NZ's only registered securities trading exchange, has announced that they will focus on infrastructure, derivatives and liquidity improvements to enable trading in carbon credits among other derivative products.

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