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EU climate proposals hurt industry, says Germany
EUobserver Jul 16 2008 8:05AM UTC

Today @ 09:01 CET The German Economy Ministry has attacked EU proposals to tackle climate change as 'pointless' if other major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions are not also committed to significant reductions.

Brown 'wants to go nuclear - and fast'
Public Service Jul 15 2008 12:32PM UTC

The government is said to be planning to use fast-track planning methods incorporated in the new Planning Bill to build eight new nuclear power stations in the next two years.

Kyoto market

World Bank told to step back from forest reform
Carbon Positive Jul 16 2008 2:38AM UTC

Carbon News and Info > Climate change news > Reforestation & sustainable forestry Forestry experts agree on the need for a new global partnership to ensure sustainable forests initiatives deliver on environmental needs and work for the poor.

North America market

U.S. unveils plan to bury climate-warming carbon
Reuters UK Jul 15 2008 8:09PM UTC

WASHINGTON, July 15 (Reuters) - The United States unveiled plans on Tuesday to bury climate-warming carbon dioxide emissions deep underground to keep the greenhouse gas from further heating up the atmosphere.

U.S. electric utility has 12-year plan to shape debate on carbon emissions
International Herald Tribune Jul 15 2008 5:39PM UTC

Exelon, the largest U.S. operator of nuclear power plants, said Tuesday that by 2020 it would cut its greenhouse gas emissions by an amount larger than its total emissions in 2008, in a bid to shape the debate on carbon dioxide rules and to get a jump


Transport 'must be in carbon trade'
The Australian Jul 15 2008 3:43PM UTC

A KEY transport adviser has made an eleventh-hour appeal for the sector to be covered in an emissions trading scheme, labelling freight in particular a policy blind spot that deserves special attention from government.

State to increase coal exports
Adelaide Now Jul 15 2008 1:41PM UTC

QUEENSLAND Premier Anna Bligh has defended the announcement of a possible 40 per cent increase in the state's coal exports on the eve of the Federal Government's release of a green paper on emissions trading.

Industry News

NEFCO Carbon Fund adds Danish investor
Carbon Yatra Jul 15 2008 2:20PM UTC

Source: Mumbai (NEFCO) The Nordic Environment Finance Corporation's NEFCO Carbon Fund (NeCF), a Public Private Partnership, has announced a new investor into the Fund.


Norway says wins EU green light for carbon capture
Reuters UK Jul 16 2008 11:11AM UTC

OSLO, July 16 (Reuters) - Norway's government said on Wednesday it has received the go ahead from the European Union to pump more state funds into an experimental project to capture carbon dioxide emissions from a gas-fired power plant.


Undersea Volcanic Rocks Offer Vast Repository For Greenhouse Gas, Says Study
Science Daily Jul 15 2008 5:02PM UTC

- A group of scientists has used deep ocean-floor drilling and experiments to show that volcanic rocks off the West Coast and elsewhere might be used to securely imprison huge amounts of globe-warming carbon dioxide captured from power plants or

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