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Exchanges merge to create spot market for carbon
Reuters  Feb 14 2008 9:27AM UTC

(Reuters) - Two European carbon trading exchanges are merging their platforms to offer spot trading in European Union and United Nations credits, they said on Thursday. Spot trading platforms New Values and euets.

EU-ETS Phase 3 emissions proposals to add to industry burden: BASF
Carbon Yatra  Feb 14 2008 5:46AM UTC

Eggert Voscherau, Vice Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE has said that the E.U. Commission?s latest proposals for the third trading period for emission certificates is likely to add to the burden of global competition being

Kyoto market

Japan needs to cut carbon emissions by up to 85% in 2050: study+
Calibre Macro World  Feb 13 2008 12:12PM UTC

TOKYO, Feb. 13-(Kyodo), Japan would be required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85 percent in 2050 from the 1990 level to achieve the broadly shared target of halving global emissions by 2050, according to a study released Wednesday by a

Japan reiterates commitment to share tech to fight climate change+
Calibre Macro World  Feb 13 2008 11:32PM UTC

NEW YORK, Feb. 13-(Kyodo), Japan's U.N. Ambassador Yukio Takasu said Wednesday that Japan is in a position to share its expertise with other countries to help fight climate change.

Norway Climate Goals to Rely on Quotas - Researchers
Planet Ark  Feb 13 2008 4:48PM UTC

OSLO - Norway will rely on buying greenhouse gas quotas abroad to meet a self-imposed goal of curbing emissions by more than demanded by the UN's Kyoto Protocol until 2012, researchers said on Tuesday.

North America market

Exelon CEO Calls For Allowance Auction in US Cap-and-Trade Emissons System
Carbon Yatra  Feb 14 2008 5:47AM UTC

Exelon Chairman and CEO John Rowe has called on industry and government to accelerate the process of building a low-carbon economy that is essential to solving the climate change issue and meeting rising demand for energy.

Proposed US cap-and-trade system should recognize carbon offsets worldwide: ConocoPhillips
Carbon Yatra  Feb 13 2008 8:54PM UTC

Speaking on energy security and climate change at the CERAWeek Conference, Jim Mulva, Chairman & CEO, ConocoPhillips, has suggested that the current U.S. proposals for cap and trade emissions system should recognize carbon offsets worldwide.

Voluntary market

Top CO2 credit developer buys Canadian company
Reuters UK  Feb 13 2008 7:43PM UTC

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Blue Source LLC, the largest developer of voluntary U.S. carbon credits, said on Wednesday it bought an emissions consulting company based in Alberta it hopes will help it develop emissions reduction projects in Canada.

Comvita to earn carbon credits from manuka bush project
Carbon Yatra  Feb 14 2008 5:45AM UTC

Honey products company Comvita has entered an agreement with the aim of gaining income from carbon credits and manuka honey supply from reverting poor farmland to manuka bush.


Alstom Power, Dow sign agreement for amine based carbon capture
Carbon Yatra  Feb 14 2008 5:46AM UTC

Alstom Power, Inc. (Alstom) and The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) have announced a joint development (JDA) and commercialization agreement for advanced amine scrubbing technology for the removal of CO2 from low pressure flue gases particular to fossil


Ship CO2 emissions at 3.5 pct of global total: IMO
Reuters  Feb 13 2008 12:28PM UTC

(Reuters) - Annual carbon dioxide emissions from world shipping reached 1.12 billion tonnes in 2007, about 3.5 percent of total global carbon emissions, a scientific report by the world's top maritime body shows.

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