NCF’s newly launched CDM/JI Analytics tool allows users to analyse CDM/JI project risk by country, technology, status of project and other criteria; conducting real-time analysis of time delays, CER yields and registration rates.

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Plans for 'eco-tolls' on Europe's lorries unveiled
EUobserver Jul 9 2008 7:16PM UTC

Today @ 08:43 CET Lorries in the European Union are to be charged a toll for their production of air and noise pollution, according to 'greener transport' proposals unveiled by the European Commission on Tuesday (8 July). Currently, truckers are only

Kyoto market

World ports tackle greenhouse gas emissions
AFP via Yahoo! Jul 9 2008 1:08PM UTC

Ports authorities from around the world gathered in Rotterdam Wednesday to thrash out a plan to reduce CO2 emissions from the activities of some 100,000 ships sailing global waters.

Africa to get much of G8 energy investment: Brown
Reuters South Africa Jul 9 2008 9:15AM UTC

TOYAKO, Japan (Reuters) - Much of the new money pledged at a Group of Eight summit for investment in cleaner energy will go to Africa, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Tuesday.

India's FT launches carbon credits exchange in Singapore
Carbon Yatra Jul 9 2008 12:32PM UTC

India based Financial Technologies (FT) has launched a pan Asian commodity exchange named Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SMX) which will offer commodity trading of carbon credits.

Post 2012

G-8 leaders back off climate specifics
CNN Jul 9 2008 9:16AM UTC

Leaders of the world's major economies pledged to combat climate change Wednesday -- but they did not set specific targets for reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions.

Emerging nations join G-8 in climate declaration
International Herald Tribune Jul 9 2008 12:48PM UTC

The declaration grew out of an unprecedented meeting that brought together 16 nations and the European Union - dubbed the 'major economies' - around the issue of global warning.


First trial a success in capturing CO2
The Australian Jul 9 2008 4:59PM UTC

AUSTRALIA has conducted its first successful trials of the leading technology for capturing climate-warming carbon dioxide from a coal-fired power plant.

Industry News

EcoSecurities says possible shortfall in gross profit from delayed CERs
Sharewatch Jul 10 2008 6:58AM UTC

LONDON (Thomson Financial) - EcoSecurities Group said in its trading statement that it may report a shortfall in full year gross profit because of the slow registration of new projects that will create carbon emissions reductions.


Can bovine burp research slow global warming?
Guardian Unlimited Jul 9 2008 5:06PM UTC

Fun fieldwork for a team of Argentinan scientists who are measuring the levels of methane in cow belches in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Methane, produced by cows, is a more potent global warming gas than carbon dioxide.

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