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Slowdown hits carbon credits earned by Indian cos
Hindu Business Line  Mar 7 2009 7:22PM UTC

Priyanka Vyas New Delhi, March 7 The economic slowdown, visible through the drop in industrial production in the past few months, also seems to be affecting the ability of the companies to generate carbon credits.

Japan's Toshiba to sell carbon credits: report
MarketWatch  Mar 7 2009 8:22PM UTC

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- In the first such move by a Japanese manufacturer, Toshiba Corp.

Government unveils climate watch plan
IOL  Mar 6 2009 2:23PM UTC

Johannesburg - Pending cabinet approval, twenty national departments would be responsible for climate issues, government said at the close of the National Climate Change Summit on Friday.

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UK-US talks bode well for new global climate deal: UK PM
Platts  Mar 6 2009 1:43PM UTC

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Friday said discussions with US President Barack Obama on his recent visit to Washington are a 'tremendous portent' for the likelihood of success in agreeing a new global deal to fight climate change later this year.

Countries that block climate change deal 'risk isolation'
Guardian Unlimited  Mar 6 2009 11:48AM UTC

Countries that stand in the way of a global warming treaty now risk international isolation because of the US's new commitment under Barack Obama to reaching a deal, the climate change secretary, Ed Miliband has said.

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Generators Propose a Plan for Carbon Pricing
Power Magazine  Mar 6 2009 8:22AM UTC

With the U.S. economy currently in a free fall, some utility industry leaders and elected officials argue that carbon cap legislation should be put on hold while the country recovers financially.

N.Y. Gov considers change in 10-state carbon pact
Reuters UK  Mar 6 2009 10:28PM UTC

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York's governor is considering giving, rather than auctioning, a greater amount of permits that allow power plants to emit carbon dioxide in a regional climate pact and environmentalists charge it would cut millions of dollars

Bad Day in Congress for the CDM
International Rivers Network  Mar 7 2009 2:02PM UTC

None of the six people who gave testimony had a kind word about the CDM, not even Stuart Eizenstat - the lead negotiator for the US delegation which pushed the idea of a project-based offsetting mechanism into the Kyoto deal in 1997 - nor the strongly


Carbon polluters to hit campaign trail
The Age  Mar 9 2009 7:52AM UTC

THE campaign to overhaul the Federal Government's climate change policy will escalate this week as big greenhouse polluting companies and their lobbyists target politicians representing voters in coal mining, steel and aluminium towns.

Emissions plan blows PM away
The Australian  Mar 6 2009 2:54PM UTC

KEVIN Rudd's unilateral and unco-ordinated emissions trading scheme was always a very bad idea. Now it is a national suicide note.


Saneri pins its hopes on CCS plant
Business Report  Mar 6 2009 12:15PM UTC

Saneri pins its hopes on plant The SA National Energy Research Institute (Saneri), hoped the country's first carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration plant would be operational by 2020, a senior manager for advanced fossil fuel use, Tony


Has recession trimmed CO2 output? We'll know by 2010
Reuters  Mar 6 2009 7:46AM UTC

By David Fogarty, Climate Change Correspondent, Asia SINGAPORE (Reuters) - The financial crisis has slashed industrial output and trade but it will be months before there is an accurate picture of how much the downturn has curbed greenhouse gas

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