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EU moves towards phased CO2 cuts for cars
Reuters  Sep 2 2008 9:02AM UTC

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Curbs on carbon dioxide emissions from new cars sold in the European Union could be phased in slowly through 2015 after two political groups in a key EU parliamentary committee agreed a compromise.

Kyoto market

China passes stringent green laws
Business Green  Sep 2 2008 10:08AM UTC

Government backs up climate change strategy with new laws banning inefficient products, mandating use of renewables and increasing monitoring of polluting

China offers research subsidy to wind turbine firms
Reuters  Sep 2 2008 9:54AM UTC

BEIJING (Reuters) - China plans to offer a small subsidy to domestic firms that develop new wind turbines in a bid to support home-grown innovation, industry regulations published by the Finance Ministry showed.

North America market

GDF SUEZ to acquire energy company in the US
Carbon Yatra  Sep 2 2008 9:55AM UTC

GDF SUEZ Energy International through its North American subsidiary has announced the signing of an agreement to acquire FirstLight Power Enterprises, Inc.

Post 2012

UN urges end to fossil fuel subsidies
BusinessGreen  Sep 1 2008 10:41AM UTC

Scrapping subsidies designed to bring down the cost of energy could slash greenhouse gas emissions by six per cent in one swoop, while also delivering a boost to the global economy, according to a new study from the (UNEP). Released last week, It

Voluntary market

Aid agencies plan CO2 offsets
Economictimes  Sep 2 2008 6:56AM UTC

LONDON: From fuel-efficient stoves for displaced Congolese families to drought-resistant cashew trees in Brazil, some aid agencies offering carbon offset schemes want to marry emissions savings with help for people living with climate change.


Debate over Australian climate targets heats up
BusinessGreen  Sep 1 2008 12:21PM UTC

Australia can cut greenhouse gas emissions to 25 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020 with investments over the next decade representing around half a per cent of the nation's GDP, according to a leading think tank.

Wong stands firm on emissions cap
The Australian  Sep 1 2008 3:57PM UTC

CLIMATE Change Minister Penny Wong has rejected the suggestion that Australia allow new investments in trade-exposed industries without counting their carbon pollution towards a national emissions cap.

BHP joins attack on carbon trading
The Australian  Sep 1 2008 2:51PM UTC

BHP Billiton chairman Don Argus has joined the industry chorus against the Rudd Government's planned emissions trading scheme, saying it could crimp investment that is desperately needed to meet the nation's growing power demand.

Industry News

Natsource announces 6th fund participant
Carbon Yatra  Sep 1 2008 7:09PM UTC

Natsource LLC, a global provider of asset management, origination and structuring and advisory and research services in emissions and renewable energy markets, has announced a European energy company has agreed to participate in the Natsource Carbon


Glaciers need closer watch in poor countries: UNEP
Reuters  Sep 2 2008 9:03AM UTC

GENEVA (Reuters) - Scientists are not paying enough attention to glacial melting in the Andes, the Himalayas and peaks in other developing countries, a United Nations-backed report found on Monday.

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