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EU carbon prices higher as cold snap boosts demand
Reuters UK  Mar 9 2010 5:41AM UTC

European carbon emissions futures were slightly higher on Monday, extending Friday's late gains as the return of very cold weather gave a boost to energy prices, traders said.

CRC threatens smart meter supply pinch
Business Green  Mar 9 2010 5:57AM UTC

A clause in the Carbon Reduction Commitment regulations that allows firms to climb the league table showing participants' relative emission reduction performance if they install Automatic Meter Reading systems could lead to a "supply pinch" for new

UK import emissions are the highest in Europe, figures show
Guardian  Mar 9 2010 6:00AM UTC

Britain's demand for imported goods is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions abroad than any other European country, according to a new study published today.

Green car incentives may be a victim of their own success
The Independent  Mar 9 2010 6:08AM UTC

Government efforts to encourage motorists to buy greener cars are proving so successful they are raising concerns that tax breaks for cleaner vehicles may have to be re-jigged.

International Markets

IMF floats climate change fund idea
Press Association  Mar 9 2010 5:44AM UTC

Global financier the International Monetary Fund has switched its attention to the environment with a plan for the world's governments to pool together to raise money needed to adapt to climate change.

ETS can work: MIT report
Emissions News  Mar 9 2010 5:43AM UTC

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Energy Environment Policy Research Centre has released a report on emissions trading schemes, claiming that they can be effective in reducing emissions without having a significant economic impact.

Voluntary market

Asia seen as growth driver for voluntary CO2 market
Reuters India  Mar 9 2010 5:54AM UTC

Fear of Western-imposed carbon tariffs on goods and services from Asia is likely to drive growth in offsetting emissions by large firms in the region, a voluntary carbon market executive said.

North America market

Utah Senate rejects carbon trading support
The Salt Lake Tribune  Mar 9 2010 5:40AM UTC

The Utah Senate on Monday refused to support a voluntary greenhouse gas reduction market that one senator said could help municipalities and service districts make money by reducing pollution.

EPA Has No Plans for Own Carbon-Trading Program, Jackson Says
Business Week  Mar 9 2010 5:41AM UTC

The Obama administration has no plans to set up a “cap-and-trade” program for greenhouse gases under existing law if Congress doesn’t pass legislation doing so, the head of the US Environmental Protection Agency said.

Supreme Court Won't Review Decision That Closed EPA Emissions 'Loophole'
The New York Times  Mar 9 2010 6:02AM UTC

The Supreme Court has declined to review a lower court's ruling prohibiting US EPA from suspending normal emissions standards for major pollution sources during "startup, shutdown and malfunction" periods.


Drax joins talks over carbon capture and storage project
Yorkshire Post  Mar 9 2010 6:30AM UTC

The owner of Britain's biggest coal-fired power station has embarked on feasibility studies into the use of carbon capture and storage after joining talks with the regional development agency to help develop its GBP 2bn carbon cluster project.

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